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Louvre Museum Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt is for both parents and children the way to have fun while discovering fine arts. Childrens love treasure hunt.
A guide, who can be privately hired, welcome the visiting party at agreed time, outside the Louvre Museum. Thanks to provided skip the line tickets, clients access quickly to the Louvres museum and start the exciting treasure hunt. This activity will take them to the most famous artworks of the Louvre’s collection, including the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo and the Winged Victory of Samothrace. The treasure hunt will also let them discover masterpieces of the Middle Ages, the Italian Renaissance and art pieces even dating as far back as Ancient Egypt.
Clues, puzzles, a game booklet and the treasure at the end for your children will make these 2 hours unforgettable for your whole family.
Key Benefits: A fun-packed and educational treasure hunt at the Louvre for the whole family A fast-pass priority access ticket to avoid the long lines. Imagine France can take care of clients transportation, by private car, back and forth their hotel
2 hours

• Treasure include a fun-packed educational treasure hunt for the whole family.
• Fast pass priority access tickets


• Minimum age : 6 years.