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Well Being In Paris
Imagine France has agreed a partnership with Le Tigre, the finest Well-Being clubs in France.
Hushed worlds, mix warm colours, ethnic motifs and raw materials to create an instant feeling of homeliness. Each piece that has been found contributes its own story and energy, each cushion invites moments of relaxation, while the lighting encourages relaxation and peaceful slumber to the rhythm of world music, which creates a gentle background noise… Every Le Tigre venue is an invitation to unwind in an atmosphere of well-being for both body and mind.
The importance of learning to listen to yourself is obvious to everyone at Le Tigre. It is their vocation to share this ability with you. Listening to the signals of your body, knowing how to conciously feel each sensation, recognising areas of pain, and the emotional waves that we feel are part that lead to well-being. Each practice offered at Le Tigre subscribe to this self-learning, inviting you to respect your inner space and bodily limits, using both patience and clear-sightedness.
Le Tigre offers a path upon each everyone can advance at their own pace, in connection with their body, spirit and breath, enabling them to discover their true being.
Four Le Tigre clubs are available in Paris, two on the Left Banks and two others on the Right Bank.
Provided classes : Yoga, Yin Yoga, Graceful Movement, Kundalini, High Intensity, Hatha flow, Body Enhance, and more. Classes last from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Imagine France can take care of clients transportation, by private car, back and forth their hotel